about us

Pups and Pavement is a professional and insured pet care and dog walking business based in Frisco, Texas. We are currently servicing various areas in Collin County, including Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, and McKinney.

Our services include pet care for all animals including dog walking, poop scooping, vacation pet care, Pet sitting, check in visits, litter box services, overnight stays, house sitting and grocery restocking (during vacation visits). please see details in our services section.

we are available any time, morning, day and night. 



Our Services


Poop Scoop & Litter

While we always pick up your pup's poop while we walk, we can also clear your backyard of any unwanted "materials". This can be done weekly or daily. 

Deep cleaning of *litter boxes is available. This service includes removing litter, **cleaning and sanitizing box, filling with fresh litter, and cleaning up around litter box area. 

*A quick scoop in litter boxes is included in regular visits. No extra charge for this!

**This service requires access to an outdoor hose.

Walking Services

Pups and Pavement provides a variety of walking services. From midday walks while the humans are at work to weekend and evening visits. Each visit consists of a 20-minute walk, filling water bowls, scooping litter, and anything else your animals might need. This is a customizable service, so if your pups just need to frolic in the backyard, we will roll around in the grass with them. Services that do not require a walk are standard check-in visits. 

Overnight Stays

Overnight stays are available for those needing a warm body next to your pet all night long. P&P will cuddle your pup and take special care all night, just as you would if you were home. This service includes collecting mail, packages, and watering plants. During our overnight stays, you can also expect basic litter box cleaning. 

Vacation Visits & Services

Boarding your dog is so last year! Leave them home where they are comfortable and familiar and P&P will check on them three times a day or more if you desire. While you're on vacation, we will feed, water, walk, administer meds, play, and clean up after your pets. This service also includes collecting mail, packages, and watering plants. 

If you do not have pets, we can still check your home while you're out of town. This service includes checking mail, watering plants, bringing in packages from the porch, meeting service companies at your home (e.g., painters, maintenance companies, etc.) and restocking kitchen so you're set up when you return home.

It’s hard to find people who will love your pet the same way you do and who will care for them as you would. Pups and Pavement feels like a friend or family member is watching my dogs. I’m always confident and filled with trust in their services.
— Corinne Watters




+$2 for each dog over 50lbs. Applies only to walks.

25-Minute midday walk & check ins

Also applies to all midday vacation visits. Check in visits (no walk) require a fenced in backyard. Both visits are 25 minutes.




Overnight Stay

8-hour minimum in your home with your pets.




Poop Scoop

Daily backyard poop scoop. $5 off for Monday-Friday service.




Litterbox deep clean

As often as you'd like. Requires access to an outdoor hose.




Vacation home check

Not pets, a check on your home while you're out of town. 10-minute visit with options for longer stays and services. Services include check mail, bring any packages inside, water plants, open/close mini blinds, turn on/off lights, etc. 



$20 fee + cost of products

Kitchen and Home restock

Restock kitchen and home products before your return.




Pups and Pavement offers free in-home consultations to meet your animals and introduce ourselves before giving your pets the best care around. To make sure we are a great fit for your needs, fill out the form below and P&P will be in touch!

Dog walking, Check ins, Cat care, etc.




My German Shepherd, Minka, is a rescue pup who has medical and emotional issues. It is very hard for my Husband and I to make any plans involving us to be gone for more than 5 to 8 hours in a day. Minka is very leery of people she does not know and will usually cower or hide in a corner or closet. If too scared she can be incontinent. It takes a lot of patience and love to care. We recently decided to go to a music festival which is an all day event. We decided to hire Mindee to come to our house and play, feed, and administer Minka's medication. Mindee did a consultation a few days before to meet Minka and go over our extensive instructions. Minka warmed right up to Mindee. It seems she has some special gift because Minka is not like that with everyone. She sent pictures and texts to let us know she was there and all was well. I had piece of mind knowing Mindee was there to help. She took great care of our pups and we will definitely hire her again. Thank you Mindee!!! 

-Kyle & Jackie martin



I am not a fan of boarding my animals, never have been. I have always depended on family and friends to take care of my little guy when I needed help. When I found Pups and Pavement it was as if I found family and friends. The Crocketts went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable first, and then when Ben saw them, it was all over! Ben is a Basenji mix and by no means an easy breed. Ben loved them and the Crocketts adored him. Pups and Pavement has earned a client for life!

Thanks so much,

Aimee & Ben